Let’s Finish September 2020 Self-care Strong!!!

TGIF!!! Let’s make this last weekend of September count!!! We are in the home stretch of this month’s self-care challenge. Be sure to go shopping this weekend to get all the healthy food that will set you up for a healthy low carb/keto week and get your exercise in!!! Let’s get it!!! 🔥🔥🔥 I’m acceptingContinue reading “Let’s Finish September 2020 Self-care Strong!!!”

Time To Finish Strong!!!

Are y’all ready to finish this month’s #Keto #30DayChallenge strong? We have 5 more days to go!!! Don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of you meeting your #goals!!! In case anyone has any questions about what the #Ketogenic diet is check out this link below & think about joining us on ourContinue reading “Time To Finish Strong!!!”

TGIF! It’s Our 2nd Weigh In Day!

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you had a phenomenally healthy week! Today is day 20 of our 30 day challenge! That means we literally have 10 days left to meet our goal for August! Is it just me or does it seem like this month is going by so fast??? How are things going? WhatContinue reading “TGIF! It’s Our 2nd Weigh In Day!”

What Will You Do Differently This Week?

Happy Saturday Everyone! It’s Day 22 of our 30 day challenge and it’s Weigh in Day!!! How did it go? How many pounds have you lost so far this month? You can either respond to this post or you can send me a personal message. I have lost 5 pounds so far this month! 5Continue reading “What Will You Do Differently This Week?”

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