#BlackFriday What? It’s #GymFriday!!! #LetsGo

Some say it’s #BlackFriday but in my house it’s #GymFriday!!! After I got it in yesterday at the Thanksgiving dinner table I decided that I OWE it to myself to get it in at the GYM on this #TGIF Friday! Are you going to get it in today too? Please believe it will save youContinue reading “#BlackFriday What? It’s #GymFriday!!! #LetsGo”

Mid-Month Check-In for September 2018!!!

Happy Saturday All!!! Today is day 15 of our #Keto 30 Day Challenge and it’s time for our 1st weigh in for this month! 15 days down and 15 more to go! Weigh in the morning and let me know how the 1st 2 weeks have gone for you!!! What successes and challenges have youContinue reading “Mid-Month Check-In for September 2018!!!”

Back at The Gym & in Goal Setting Mode for 2018!!!

#TGIF!!! I hope you are having a great time resting and enjoying this holiday season with your #friends and #family. Well I decided to go back to the #gym today to burn off ALL of these #Christmas holiday calories that I acquired! It’s ok to splurge for a day or so but don’t stay there!Continue reading “Back at The Gym & in Goal Setting Mode for 2018!!!”

#TGIF! #30DayChallenge Day 17 – Video Update

#TGIF! Thank God I’m Getting #Fit FRIDAY!!! It’s #Day17 of our #Keto #30DayChallenge!!! Check out the video below for an important update! Let me know how are you are doing! Our next weigh in day will be on Monday, August 21st! Have a blessed, #active and #healthy weekend!!! Let’s go!!! #GetFit #LetsGetIt #Healthy #Roadto40 #FitnessContinue reading “#TGIF! #30DayChallenge Day 17 – Video Update”

Celebrating My Independence!!! Song to Inspire You!

Happy Independence Day!!! While I was on my way to the gym today I was inspired to create this quick song that you will hear on this video below. During the month of June I lost a total of 13 pounds and in July I am determined to do the same if not more. ForContinue reading “Celebrating My Independence!!! Song to Inspire You!”

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