Milestone Met On My Journey!!!

Sooooooooo today I went shopping for some new #gym clothes. I tried on some pants in the plus size section because that’s all I’ve ever bought or could wear since the age of 12. Well guess what? I had to move on to the Misses section today!!!!! From 3X to XL Baby! Moral of theContinue reading “Milestone Met On My Journey!!!”

Which Mode Are You In? #BeastMode vs. #GraceMode

Did you wake up in #BeastMode as it relates to meeting your diet and fitness goals today? Beast Mode is defined as “Superhuman state of being, in which animal instinct takes over mind and body.” (Definition source from <; ) I don’t 100% flow with the definition that the Urban Dictionary gives for this but I understand theContinue reading “Which Mode Are You In? #BeastMode vs. #GraceMode”

You CAN Do The IMPOSSIBLE! Declare It!!!

Happy Saturday Everyone! I hope everyone is having an enormously healthy month so far! So my question for you today is what do you think is IMPOSSIBLE for you to do or overcome in order to become your best & healthy self and/or to meet a goal that you’ve set for your self? I justContinue reading “You CAN Do The IMPOSSIBLE! Declare It!!!”

It’s Time to Step It Up! Let’s Go!!!

Happy Monday! It is day 6 of our 30 day challenge and I am ready to get it in this week!!! What about you? I want to challenge you to step it up a notch this week. What do you mean Monica? Well I’m glad you asked!!!! Step it up with: Exercise – Be consistentContinue reading “It’s Time to Step It Up! Let’s Go!!!”

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