Choosing Healthy Self-care Motivation For The Week!

Happy Motivation Monday and Happy Labor Day to you Choosing Healthy Family! How is the first week of the September 2021 self-care challenge going for you? I hope it’s going well. Just remember when you experience times that you get stuck or don’t feel motivated use that opportunity to revisit your why. Why did youContinue reading “Choosing Healthy Self-care Motivation For The Week!”

September 2021 Choosing Healthy Self-care Challenge Starts Today!!!

Happy September 2021 to you!!! It’s time for our September Eat Whole Low Carb Food Self-care Challenge! Are you ready to get this month started healthy? Go to the link below for this month’s self-care challenge details where we will focus on the following: – Eating Clean Whole Low Carb Foods– Exercising– Getting Adequate Sleep–Continue reading “September 2021 Choosing Healthy Self-care Challenge Starts Today!!!”

New Motivational YouTube Video Posted!!!

Happy #MotivationMonday!!! I hope your day and month has gotten off to a great start!!! I’ve posted a new motivational YouTube video to help spark motivation for this month’s self-care challenge! You can check it out here: Lastly below is the link for our August self-care challenge details! Let’s make August great, active andContinue reading “New Motivational YouTube Video Posted!!!”

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