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Choosing Healthy Self-Care Challenge Starts HERE!!!

Are you ready to Choose Healthy??? Take my monthly self-care challenge NOW!!! Let’s get it!!!

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It’s National Diabetes Awareness Month 2022!

It’s National Diabetes Awareness month 2022 and its also World Diabetes Day 2022. In light of that my question to you is do you know your A1c status? Check out my video on this topic by clicking on the link below. Click the link below to subscribe to my YouTube Channel today. ForContinue reading “It’s National Diabetes Awareness Month 2022!”

November 2022 No Days Off Self-care Challenge Starts NOW!

Welcome to our November 2022 Choosing Healthy self-care challenge! The goal for this month’s No Days Off Until Thanksgiving self-care challenge is to continue with developing consistent healthy habits that include the following: Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise/activity in 3-5 days weekly, eating low carb foods, get at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily andContinue reading “November 2022 No Days Off Self-care Challenge Starts NOW!”


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