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Finish February Strong! Let’s Go!

Happy Monday! How are you all doing? After today we have 2 days left in our February Keto 30 Day Challenge!!! Are you ready for our final weigh in? We will weigh in on March 2nd and we will also start our March Keto and intermittent fasting challenge on that same day. I look forward to seeing what progress you have made this month. I saw this link to some Ketogenic recipes that I thought I’d share with you from Keto Summit. Check the link out below!

Let’s finish this month strong my friends by eating clean, exercising, getting adequate sleep and by reducing stress!!!

Let’s go! 💪🏾

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If You Change Your Mind You Will Change Your Life!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! It’s day 21 of our 30 day challenge!!! Today is our 2nd weigh in day for this month’s challenge!!!! I lost 2.5 pounds. How many pounds/ounces did you lose? How are things going for you on the challenge? I hope its going well but if it’s not I want to encourage you to get back on track TODAY and don’t you dare give up! If you want to see change happen it has to start in your mind. Then you have to change your confession from no I can’t to YES I CAN! Then you put what you believe into action. Start off slow then pick up the pace as you continue to move forward. Progress happens over time and is not a one and done. So don’t get stressed out when you don’t see immediate results. Create an action plan for exercise and be consistent. Then plan your meals and snacks ahead of time and pack it the night before you go to work. Last but definitely not least invite God to begin this journey with you. Ask him for his grace to become more disciplined. This has been the key to my weight loss success! I’m praying for each and everyone of you!!! You CAN do this!!! So what will you do differently today to ensure your success on this challenge? I want to hear from you!!! Let’s get it!!!! 💪

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It’s Time to Step It Up! Let’s Go!!!


Happy Monday! It is day 6 of our 30 day challenge and I am ready to get it in this week!!! What about you? I want to challenge you to step it up a notch this week. What do you mean Monica? Well I’m glad you asked!!!!

Step it up with:

  1. Exercise – Be consistent this week! Stick to your exercise plan!
  2. Diet – Eat clean, no processed foods &, no added sugar & no starchy carbs!
  3. Meal planning – Plan ahead & Cook ahead.
  4. Get an extra hour of sleep tonight. Turn in earlier to ensure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each day this week.
  5. De-Stress! Think about integrating aromatherapy into your health plan, invest in a diffuser and begin diffusing some therapeutic grade or organic grade essential oils such lavender, orange, peppermint, lemon, etc… Take a relaxing bath, go get a pedicure, go for a walk/run, pray. Practice a perpetual state of gratitude. As long as you have breath in your body that is more than enough to be grateful for. Call a friend that will uplift you and not bring you down. Read the Bible and/or some other inspirational book that will augment you towards your personal goals. Volunteer in the community. Connect with or any community service organization in your community and begin volunteering.
  6. Make a specific PLAN this week and schedule your exercise accordingly
  7. Get a workout partner and hold each other accountable
  8. If you haven’t had a physical/lab work done in over a year make an appointment today so you can know your health status (Blood pressure, A1C, Cholesterol, Thyroid and etc..)
  9. Think positively & profess I am statements daily. I am successful, I am healthy, I am consistent, I am going to exercise today, I am going to eat healthy today. I am going to meet my weight loss goals. Your words shape your life. Speak by faith what you want to see in your life. Throw those negative thoughts and confessions out of the window of your life forever!
  10. Last but not least! Don’t give up! You are worth this investment. Love yourself enough to see this process through to the end.

Let’s get it in this week!!!

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To Be or Not To Be MOTIVATED! 

Happy Tuesday!!!! It’s day 21 of our 30 day challenge! How are things going with you on the challenge? I pray things are going well. Well I know sometimes you can get discouraged on your fitness journey. Every one of us at some point have been discouraged concerning our results or the lack thereof. We have all tried to search for the motivation to get back on track and to STAY on track consistently. Today I want to remind you why you started taking this challenge with me in the first place & explain why you should stay on track. I pray that the following will motivate you to eat healthier, exercise and/or lose weight if needed to get to a healthy BMI. Here are the some of the benefits below:

1) Your health picture will improve:

A) Reduce High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Levels, Cholesterol

B) Increases Fertility in Women impacted by PCOS

C) Prevent or Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

D) Reduce the risk for developing Strokes, Cancer & Heart Attacks

E) Improves Sleep Apnea

F) Improves breathing

G) Reduces the risk of developing other chronic diseases that are obesity related

2) You will live a longer & fuller life

A) Increase your probability of living long enough to see your children, grandchildren and your  great grandchildren grow up

B) You will have more energy and will be able to remain active & travel freely without constraints

C) Reduction of the need for medicine & physical therapy ( save money too!)

D) Be a great example & model for your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, family members & friends

E) Save money in the long run since you will not need as much medicine or Hospital/Surgical visits

3) Boost in your mental/emotional health

A) Exercising actually helps you to relieve stress and tension

B) Increases your self-esteem & outlook on life

C) Reduces the risk for developing depression and brightens your mood

4) Bring God glory with our Bodies!

Our bodies were given to us by God. We only get one so let’s do our best to get in shape & stay in shape by being a good steward over it.

With God’s help, a made up mind & consistency You CAN do it! I’m rooting for you!!!

Let’s Get it!

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The Power Of ONE! #30DayChallenge 

#TGIF Everyone! How is this week going for you? It is day 3 of our #30DayChallenge and I want to know what is that #ONE thing you will relentlessly commit to change that will help you meet your goals for this month? Here are some examples to choose from:

1) No processed foods

2) Eat Organic

3) Eat Non-GMO

4) Exercise (3-5 days per week)

5) Sleep 8 hours daily

6) Eliminate stress

7) Eat more vegetables

8) No sugar outside of fruit

9) Stay away from artificial sweeteners

10) No sodas this month

11) No fast food this month

12) Track all of my meals in #MyFitnessPal

13) Commit to getting at least 10,000 steps daily

14) Get a #Fitbit or another fitness tracker & use it daily!

15) Whole30 food plan

16) Paleo food plan

17) Intermittent Fasting

18) Get an accountability partner to help me stay on track

19) Join a gym – #PlanetFitness #AnytimeFitness #FitnessConnection #9Round #GoldsGym #CrossFit #WorkoutAnytime #LAFitness #OrangetheoryFitness etc…

20) Go to a dietitian or a nutritionist to get a customized food plan.

21) Go to the doctor for a full physical (including blood work) to find out my full health status and make adjustments based on the results.

Respond to this post with the #ONE thing you will change and be committed to for the rest of this month! Sometimes we can get lost in the details of a #30DayChallenge but if you will at least focus on mastering #ONE thing this month, then you will begin to truly make some real & permanent progress. ONE step at a time, ONE day at a time… Let’s get it!

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Make today GREAT & HEALTHY! 

Monica Akerele

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What’s On Your Plate??!!

TGIF! Happy Friday! So how are things going this week? What are you doing TODAY to reach your optimal weight, fitness and/or health goals? What is on your plate today? Respond and post breakfast, lunch, snacks, & dinner pics today. Let’s hold eachother accountable for success! Much #love to everyone! Make today #healthy, active & GREAT!!! 💯

Let’s get it! 

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What Is Your Vision For 2017? 

Happy Thursday! It is day 5 of our 30 day challenge and I don’t know about you but I am EXCITED about this month’s challenge! What about you? Today’s blog is about vision and how important it is when you are making decisions about your health or anything that you want to accomplish in life. You have to see in your mind’s eye exactly what you want the end goal to be before you begin this process. When I began my weight loss journey in 2013 all I knew was I wanted to get out of the 200s!!! Once I had a vision of what I wanted I could then begin to set goals that would eventually get me to my desired weight or BMI. What goals have you set so far? Goals are necessary so it can move you forward. My goal is to lose at least 2  pounds a week. Which would mean I would lose 8 pounds a month and in 6 months time a net weight loss of 48 pounds. As you can see measuring your progress is important so we will have a weekly weigh in so we can measure how much weight we have lost. 

How do you ensure you meet your weekly goal? A good way to do that is to leverage the MyFitnessPal app on your computer, iPhone/iPad or on any Android device. Another good tool is to get a Fitbit tracking device and to use the Fitbit app to track your meals and exercise daily. This helps you to stay on track so you won’t go over your allotted calories for the day. Measuring has been key to my weight loss success. Remember this you cannot manage what you do not measure so this is really important! I know at times it may seem overwhelming to implement these processes but I promise you it’s well worth your time. This is your life, you are valuable, you have a divine purpose to fulfill daily and the world needs you to be able to show up daily to get it done! Being healthy ensures that you will be able to show up and be ultra productive! So what is your vision for your health? What goals will you set to get there? What measuring tool will you use to ensure you meet your goals weekly? I know these are tough questions but you are worth the work, you are worth the answer, you are worth the outcome this work will produce! Invest in you & love yourself enough to implement these processes and move YOUR vision forward. Let’s get it! 🙌

Make today great & healthy!

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