Our January 2016 Challenge Begins Today!

Happy Saturday and welcome to our January 30 day challenge! It’s hard to believe that we are already in a new year 2016! Well it’s here now so what are you going to do differently this year to change the picture of your overall health? I dare you to dream BIG, step out of yourContinue reading “Our January 2016 Challenge Begins Today!”

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ♡

It’s been 1 week since I released my new single Trust In You! I just wanted to take the time to thank EVERYONE who has supported me with this release. Please forgive me because this thank you list is looonnng…lol I want to first thank God for blessing me with the inspiration to write theContinue reading “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ♡”

Don’t Give Up! Remember Why You Started This Challenge!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope you are having a great & healthy week so far. Remember this is the last week of this challenge and we will begin a new one on June 1st!!! There will be no breaks this time around we are going to go hard for the month of June! Are you ready???Continue reading “Don’t Give Up! Remember Why You Started This Challenge!”

What Will You Do Differently This Week?

Happy Saturday Everyone! It’s Day 22 of our 30 day challenge and it’s Weigh in Day!!! How did it go? How many pounds have you lost so far this month? You can either respond to this post or you can send me a personal message. I have lost 5 pounds so far this month! 5Continue reading “What Will You Do Differently This Week?”

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