Let’s Finish March 2021 Strong!!!

Happy Motivation Monday Choosing Healthy Family! I hope all is well and that you have already had a great start to this last week in March! Let’s be intentional about finishing this month strong so we can go into April even stronger!!! I’m proud of each and every one of you who decided to takeContinue reading “Let’s Finish March 2021 Strong!!!”

Let’s March Into This Month Choosing Healthy!!!

Happy Monday!!! It’s time to March into this NEW month Choosing Healthy!!! Go to the link below for this month’s self-care challenge details where we will focus on the following: – Eating Clean Whole Foods– Exercising– Getting Adequate Sleep– Reducing Stress by Practicing Intentional Self-care Daily– Eliminating Snacking, Processed Foods, Starchy Carbs and Sugar (withContinue reading “Let’s March Into This Month Choosing Healthy!!!”

What Are You Doing To Practice Intentional Self-care This Week?

Happy Self-care Sunday!!! What are you doing to practice intentional self-care TODAY and this week? Also what are you planning to do to prepare for a healthy and active week ahead? Whatever you CHOOSE to do, Let’s get it and remember You are WORTH it!!! 💯 Check out my past blog posts at http://www.monicaakerele.com forContinue reading “What Are You Doing To Practice Intentional Self-care This Week?”

Watch my latest Choosing Healthy YouTube episode & join me on this month’s #FocusOnONEThing Self-care Challenge!!! www.youtube.com/monicaakerele

My Latest Low Carb Meal Making Adventure!!! 😋

So I did a thing, I made okra soup for the first time. It was a low carb meal adventure that I’ll definitely attempt again. Just knowing that I am making whole and healthy foods for my family and I makes it all worth it. In this soup I included garlic, onions, red pepper flakes,Continue reading “My Latest Low Carb Meal Making Adventure!!! 😋”

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