What Is Your Meal Plan for Today?

Edit Happy Hump Day! What is your meal plan for today?  I’m cooking a nice healthy pot of collard greens with turkey, red bell peppers, garlic, onions, red pepper flakes, apple cider vinegar with the mother, black pepper, some chicken broth, olive oil & salt to taste!  Share your healthy meal ideas with me todayContinue reading “What Is Your Meal Plan for Today?”

Guess What? It’s #NationalGreasyFoodDay! 

Happy Tuesday! Guess what today is??? Its #NationalGreasyFoodDay. Did you all even know that this day exists? This is literally the first year I’ve ever heard of it. I remember back in the day when EVERY day was a greasy food day for me! Can I get a witness!? LOL! But those days are OVERContinue reading “Guess What? It’s #NationalGreasyFoodDay! “

What’s On Your Plate Today?

​ Happy Monday Everyone! I’m back! I had to take an unexpected hiatus but I’m back on my diet and fitness blog now. So how are things going? What are you doing this month to reach your optimal weight, fitness or health goals? What is on your plate today? Respond and post pics today. Much loveContinue reading “What’s On Your Plate Today?”

Set Goals, Plan & Execute! Let’s Get It!

Happy Thursday! Today is day 2 of our 30 day challenge!!! Are you ready to get it in this month!? What is your plan for meeting your goals for this month? First things first! You must set a goal. Start off small, for example .5-2 pounds per week. Set your goal then take steps toContinue reading “Set Goals, Plan & Execute! Let’s Get It!”

May 2016 Challenge Is Complete! Time To Weigh In!

Happy Tuesday! Today is the last day of our May challenge! So you know what that means…! Tomorrow is our final weigh in! Weigh in first thing tomorrow morning and let me know how you did! I will share my results with you tomorrow too!!! Are you ready for our next 30 day challenge? TheContinue reading “May 2016 Challenge Is Complete! Time To Weigh In!”

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