What Is That ONE Thing You Will Do To #Finish2019Healthy??? #Let’s Go!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Happy #HumpDay!!! It’s day 18 of our #Finish2019Healthy Challenge! How are things going? We are almost 2/3rds through this month already! I can’t believe it will be Christmas a week from today! I don’t know about you but that is motivating me to take it up a notch! We literally have 13 more days leftContinue reading “What Is That ONE Thing You Will Do To #Finish2019Healthy??? #Let’s Go!!! 🔥🔥🔥”

#TGIF: Know Your Health Status 2.0!

Happy Friday!!!! Here is your #Keto #30DayChallenge update for my diet and fitness #blog! The topic is #KnowYourStatus 2.0! Click on the YouTube link to listen to my 2 minute #TGIF video and be inspired to stay on track with your health journey. There are benefits to consistency!!! For #motivation on your #diet and #fitnessContinue reading “#TGIF: Know Your Health Status 2.0!”

Finish February Strong! Let’s Go!

Happy Monday! How are you all doing? After today we have 2 days left in our February Keto 30 Day Challenge!!! Are you ready for our final weigh in? We will weigh in on March 2nd and we will also start our March Keto and intermittent fasting challenge on that same day. I look forwardContinue reading “Finish February Strong! Let’s Go!”

Happy New Years Eve 2017!!! New 30 Day Challenge starts 1/2/2018!

Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone!!! I’m super excited about 2018!!! What about you? I hope you have already begun to visualize yourselves becoming your best and healthier selves in 2018! What diet/fitness/health goals are you setting for yourselves? Write it down and post it somewhere that you will always see it to be reminded ofContinue reading “Happy New Years Eve 2017!!! New 30 Day Challenge starts 1/2/2018!”

Our December #30DayChallenge Starts Today!!!

Welcome to our December 2017 #30DayChallenge! I’m excited that you are starting this month off right by taking this challenge with me! Can you believe that #Christmas AND the #New Year is right around the corner??? So let’s be absolutely intentional about meeting our #goals for this month!!! 🙌🏾 We will continue to eat aContinue reading “Our December #30DayChallenge Starts Today!!!”

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