The Power Of ONE! #30DayChallenge 

#TGIF Everyone! How is this week going for you? It is day 3 of our #30DayChallenge and I want to know what is that #ONE thing you will relentlessly commit to change that will help you meet your goals for this month? Here are some examples to choose from:

1) No processed foods

2) Eat Organic

3) Eat Non-GMO

4) Exercise (3-5 days per week)

5) Sleep 8 hours daily

6) Eliminate stress

7) Eat more vegetables

8) No sugar outside of fruit

9) Stay away from artificial sweeteners

10) No sodas this month

11) No fast food this month

12) Track all of my meals in #MyFitnessPal

13) Commit to getting at least 10,000 steps daily

14) Get a #Fitbit or another fitness tracker & use it daily!

15) Whole30 food plan

16) Paleo food plan

17) Intermittent Fasting

18) Get an accountability partner to help me stay on track

19) Join a gym – #PlanetFitness #AnytimeFitness #FitnessConnection #9Round #GoldsGym #CrossFit #WorkoutAnytime #LAFitness #OrangetheoryFitness etc…

20) Go to a dietitian or a nutritionist to get a customized food plan.

21) Go to the doctor for a full physical (including blood work) to find out my full health status and make adjustments based on the results.

Respond to this post with the #ONE thing you will change and be committed to for the rest of this month! Sometimes we can get lost in the details of a #30DayChallenge but if you will at least focus on mastering #ONE thing this month, then you will begin to truly make some real & permanent progress. ONE step at a time, ONE day at a time… Let’s get it!

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Make today GREAT & HEALTHY! 

Monica Akerele

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