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If You Change Your Mind You Will Change Your Life!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! It’s day 21 of our 30 day challenge!!! Today is our 2nd weigh in day for this month’s challenge!!!! I lost 2.5 pounds. How many pounds/ounces did you lose? How are things going for you on the challenge? I hope its going well but if it’s not I want to encourage you to get back on track TODAY and don’t you dare give up! If you want to see change happen it has to start in your mind. Then you have to change your confession from no I can’t to YES I CAN! Then you put what you believe into action. Start off slow then pick up the pace as you continue to move forward. Progress happens over time and is not a one and done. So don’t get stressed out when you don’t see immediate results. Create an action plan for exercise and be consistent. Then plan your meals and snacks ahead of time and pack it the night before you go to work. Last but definitely not least invite God to begin this journey with you. Ask him for his grace to become more disciplined. This has been the key to my weight loss success! I’m praying for each and everyone of you!!! You CAN do this!!! So what will you do differently today to ensure your success on this challenge? I want to hear from you!!! Let’s get it!!!! 💪

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