What Will You Do Differently This Week?

Happy Saturday Everyone! It’s Day 22 of our 30 day challenge and it’s Weigh in Day!!! How did it go? How many pounds have you lost so far this month? You can either respond to this post or you can send me a personal message. I have lost 5 pounds so far this month! 5Continue reading “What Will You Do Differently This Week?”

Make Family Time Fitness Time!

Great day All! I hope your week is going well so far. Today is Day 19 of our 30 day challenge!!! We are more than halfway through it. So what is your meal and exercise plan for today? My food plan is to eat only lean meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts today. My exercise planContinue reading “Make Family Time Fitness Time!”

Happy Monday! Let’s start the week off Active & Healthy!

Happy Monday Everyone!!! It’s Day 10 of our 30 day challenge! Are you ready to get it in today? Make today great, active & healthy! Remember to keep your goals in mind today and do everything you can to reach them! I’m praying & believing in each and everyone of you! YOU CAN do it!!Continue reading “Happy Monday! Let’s start the week off Active & Healthy!”

Stay The Course No Matter What Life Throws At You!!!

Great day Everyone!!! Thank you for all of the weight loss feedback that you have given me from the weigh in this week! Some of you have lost 1-5 pounds and some of you lost none but maintained your weight and some of you actually gained a pound or 2. Listen we have all beenContinue reading “Stay The Course No Matter What Life Throws At You!!!”

New Music on SoundCloud! Check It Out!

Hello my #30DayChallenge Team! I pray that all is well with each of you! Check out my latest single “Trust In You” Produced By Christopher Bostic @cmgmworld (Instagram) on SoundCloud! Click on the following link Trust In You on SoundCloud Once you listen please share the song with others or you can share this postContinue reading “New Music on SoundCloud! Check It Out!”

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