Time To Finish Strong!!!

Are y’all ready to finish this month’s #Keto #30DayChallenge strong? We have 5 more days to go!!! Don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of you meeting your #goals!!! In case anyone has any questions about what the #Ketogenic diet is check out this link below & think about joining us on ourContinue reading “Time To Finish Strong!!!”

Milestone Met On My Journey!!!

Sooooooooo today I went shopping for some new #gym clothes. I tried on some pants in the plus size section because that’s all I’ve ever bought or could wear since the age of 12. Well guess what? I had to move on to the Misses section today!!!!! From 3X to XL Baby! Moral of theContinue reading “Milestone Met On My Journey!!!”

Final Weigh In For July’s #30DayChallenge!

Happy Tuesday! It’s our final weigh in day for the month of July! Check the video below to hear my July #weightloss results and some results from our fellow #30DayChallenge group members! It’s been AWESOME! New #Keto challenge starts TOMORROW!!! I will update my website with more details later today! Much love! #LetsGetIt #Goals #GetFitContinue reading “Final Weigh In For July’s #30DayChallenge!”

Weigh Day and Tips To Get You Over Your Weight Loss Plateau!

Happy Thursday! It is day 15 of our 30 day challenge! Can you believe that we are halfway through June already? How has it been going? Have you been sticking to eating clean, exercising, getting adequate sleep and reducing stress? Well I know it is not easy but I promise you it is worth it.Continue reading “Weigh Day and Tips To Get You Over Your Weight Loss Plateau!”

#TGIF Thank God I’m #Fit!!!

TGIF!!! It is day 25 of our 30 Day challenge!!! Tell me what is your #Exercise plan for today??? Check out this video I recorded today after my morning #run for some added #motivation to get active today. Remember the goal is #fitness. It’s not an event we plan for, it is a lifetime journeyContinue reading “#TGIF Thank God I’m #Fit!!!”

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