Weigh Day and Tips To Get You Over Your Weight Loss Plateau!

Happy Thursday! It is day 15 of our 30 day challenge! Can you believe that we are halfway through June already? How has it been going? Have you been sticking to eating clean, exercising, getting adequate sleep and reducing stress? Well I know it is not easy but I promise you it is worth it. Well it’s time for our midpoint weigh in!!! Weigh in first thing in the morning and let me know how things are going!!! Depending on what you see when you step on the scale tomorrow will determine what your next steps are. 

If you like what you see keep doing what you are doing!!! But if you didn’t see a change or if the scale is going in the wrong direction I would suggest several things:

1) Are you eating clean unprocessed whole foods? If not cut out all gmo, genetically engineered processed foods. Eat Organic or Non GMO whole foods instead. 

2) Are you exercising at least 3-5 days a week? If not become consistent with this incorporating cardio, strength training, and/or HIIT training. Try to walk on your days off for at least 30 minutes to keep active. 

3) Are you tracking your food intake daily? If not use MyFitnessPal, Fitbit or Fooducate apps to track your meals daily to ensure you don’t go over your calorie intake for the day. 

4) Are you an emotional eater or do you feel you have a food addiction? Are you under a lot of stress? You may need to get some counseling. Getting counseling to help you work through some emotional issues is essential to your emotional health of which directly impacts your physical health. Don’t look at it as a bad thing because it isn’t. Nothing is wrong with taking care of yourself in this way. Getting counseling is an extension of self love. Call your HR dept to see if they have an EAP  (Employee Assistance Program) that will give you free sessions to see a counselor. Most companies offer this as a benefit. 

5) Do you find it challenging to figure out what to eat? Sometimes we need to see a dietician or a nutritionist to get a tailor made eating plan based on your health conditions, lifestyle etc… Once you have your eating plan work it!!! Most insurance plans offer over the phone Nurse/Health Coaching as a benefit. Call your health insurance to see if this is available as a covered benefit. 

Lastly here are 30 tips from Authority Nutrition that I think you should check out to see if it may help boost your weight loss. As always check with your doctor before trying any of these tips.

Remember consistency is the key! Let’s get it!!! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💯🙌💪

Published by Monica Akerele, MSW, LMSW

I AM because of God's LOVE and GRACE! Licensed Master Social Worker, Singer/Songwriter, Motivational Speaker, Blogger & Self-Care Strategist