Milestone Met On My Journey!!!

Sooooooooo today I went shopping for some new #gym clothes. I tried on some pants in the plus size section because that’s all I’ve ever bought or could wear since the age of 12. Well guess what? I had to move on to the Misses section today!!!!! From 3X to XL Baby! Moral of theContinue reading “Milestone Met On My Journey!!!”

Yes I Can And I Most Definitely Will!

Have you ever been stuck in life and you didn’t really know why?  A lot of times we can become complacent and just go with the flow. Living life without really counting the cost of our actions, habits and inclinations.  That was me a while back. I was just living, barely existing and just goingContinue reading “Yes I Can And I Most Definitely Will!”

Never Give Up! The Possibilities Are Endless!!!

Happy Monday Everyone! Today is the 23rd day of our 30 Day Challenge AND it’s weigh day!!!! Weigh yourself first thing this morning after waking up and using the bathroom to see how you did over the past week. I am happy to announce that I’ve lost another 2 pounds this week!!! I also wantedContinue reading “Never Give Up! The Possibilities Are Endless!!!”

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