What Is That ONE Thing You Will Do To #Finish2019Healthy??? #Let’s Go!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Happy #HumpDay!!! It’s day 18 of our #Finish2019Healthy Challenge! How are things going? We are almost 2/3rds through this month already! I can’t believe it will be Christmas a week from today! I don’t know about you but that is motivating me to take it up a notch! We literally have 13 more days leftContinue reading “What Is That ONE Thing You Will Do To #Finish2019Healthy??? #Let’s Go!!! 🔥🔥🔥”

#TGIF Keep Going!!! #GetFit

Keep pushing towards your exercise goals! Friday included!!! For motivation on your diet and fitness journey follow my blog at http://www.monicaakerele.com

How Badly Do You Really Want It?

Happy Tuesday!!! Today is day 19 of our #30daychallenge!!! This means we are in the home stretch with 11 more days to go in this March 30 day challenge and in the 1st quarter of 2018! How are things going? Are you on track to meet the goals that you set for yourself at theContinue reading “How Badly Do You Really Want It?”

#TGIF! From 3X to Living Large @40! Literally!!!

TGIF! It’s Thank #God I’m Getting #Fit FRIDAY and I have 2 PRAISE REPORTS to share including Janacita Horton’s AWESOME results! It is #Day15 of our #Keto #30DayChallenge so that means we are already halfway through this month’s challenge! How are things going? Let me know what success and/or challenges you’ve had so far thisContinue reading “#TGIF! From 3X to Living Large @40! Literally!!!”

1st September 2017 Weigh Day!

Happy Monday! It is day 11 of our 30 day challenge! We are already 1/3 through September!!! How has it been going? Have you been sticking to eating clean, exercising, getting adequate sleep and reducing stress? Well I know it is not easy but I promise you it is worth it. Well it’s time forContinue reading “1st September 2017 Weigh Day!”

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