The Power of Intermittent Fasting!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!! For the next 3 days leading up to the start of our January 2, 2018 #30DayChallenge launch I’m going to be posting some videos and other resources on intermittent fasting to educate you on its benefits and how it actually works. This one is only 4 minutes long so check it outContinue reading “The Power of Intermittent Fasting!”

Our December #30DayChallenge Starts Today!!!

Welcome to our December 2017 #30DayChallenge! I’m excited that you are starting this month off right by taking this challenge with me! Can you believe that #Christmas AND the #New Year is right around the corner??? So let’s be absolutely intentional about meeting our #goals for this month!!! 🙌🏾 We will continue to eat aContinue reading “Our December #30DayChallenge Starts Today!!!”

Time To Finish Strong!!!

Are y’all ready to finish this month’s #Keto #30DayChallenge strong? We have 5 more days to go!!! Don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of you meeting your #goals!!! In case anyone has any questions about what the #Ketogenic diet is check out this link below & think about joining us on ourContinue reading “Time To Finish Strong!!!”

TGIF! Thank God I’m Fit Friday! Day 10!

TGIF! It’s Day 10 of our Keto 30 Day Challenge!!! Check out the video below for an important update! It’s also our 1st weigh in day for this month’s challenge. Let me know how are you are doing! I have 15 more pounds to lose in order for me to reach my 40th birthday goalContinue reading “TGIF! Thank God I’m Fit Friday! Day 10!”

Our August Keto #30DayChallenge Starts Today!!!

Happy Hump Day!!! I’m excited that you are starting this month off right by taking this #Keto challenge with me! When you make the decision to join this challenge you are making the decision to eat clean (no processed food & no added sugar or starches), exercise (3-5 days weekly), eliminate/reduce stress in your lifeContinue reading “Our August Keto #30DayChallenge Starts Today!!!”

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