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Celebrating My Independence!!! Song to Inspire You!

Happy Independence Day!!! While I was on my way to the gym today I was inspired to create this quick song that you will hear on this video below. During the month of June I lost a total of 13 pounds and in July I am determined to do the same if not more. For those of you that don’t know I am turning 40 in September so I have a goal weight that I want to reach by my 40th birthday!!! As a result I decided to skip the 4th of July cookout scene and just hit the gym. Why? Because I’m on a mission and people who are on a mission don’t allow themselves to be tempted or sidetracked. If you are able to withstand temptation while at a cookout then more power to ya! But as for me and my house…Lol! Anyway let this song inspire you to love yourself enough to keep going and to never give up until you reach your goals!!! 

Let’s get it! Keto 30DayChallenge GetFit

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