You CAN Do The IMPOSSIBLE! Declare It!!!

Happy Saturday Everyone! I hope everyone is having an enormously healthy month so far! So my question for you today is what do you think is IMPOSSIBLE for you to do or overcome in order to become your best & healthy self and/or to meet a goal that you’ve set for your self? I just want to declare over you today that the struggle is over, that there is absolutely nothing IMPOSSIBLE for you to accomplish in Jesus name! My faith gives me the confidence to say this and if you believe and receive that for your life say AMEN! 

Listen I never thought in a millionaire years that I would have been able to ever lose weight. But once you have decided that enough is enough, something has got to shift. It starts in your mind, then you must declare by faith that you CAN do this!!! Next is set goals (write them down) and make an action plan to meet those goals. Once you your plan in place then you must have accountability someone who will hold your feet to the fire so you will stay on track. Please get your accountability in place before we go into this last week of this challenge. Prove to yourself that you can meet your goals one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time. 

This month I have been focused on training for a Run Like A Diva 5K that I will be running in May. If you would have told my younger & much larger self that I was going to be running a 5K I would have laughed in your face and told you that you are dreaming! You see I used to be “allergic” to running… literally LOL! But today, 4 years after I started my weight loss journey I am running my 1st 5K, not walking, running!!! I’m so excited! Guess what? You’ve got next! I’m praying & believing for you!!!! You will meet your goals!!! Make this week active & healthy!!!

Let’s get it!!! 

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