Have You Reached A Weight Loss Plateau?

Hitting a plateau? Learn from Dr. Josh Axe how intermittent fasting in conjunction with the Ketogenic diet can help you get over the weight loss hump. Plus even more health benefits including anti-ageing, reduction in inflammation and insulin resistance reversal.

Our August Keto #30DayChallenge Starts Today!!!

Happy Hump Day!!! I’m excited that you are starting this month off right by taking this #Keto challenge with me! When you make the decision to join this challenge you are making the decision to eat clean (no processed food & no added sugar or starches), exercise (3-5 days weekly), eliminate/reduce stress in your lifeContinue reading “Our August Keto #30DayChallenge Starts Today!!!”

To Be or Not To Be MOTIVATED! 

Happy Tuesday!!!! It’s day 21 of our 30 day challenge! How are things going with you on the challenge? I pray things are going well. Well I know sometimes you can get discouraged on your fitness journey. Every one of us at some point have been discouraged concerning our results or the lack thereof. WeContinue reading “To Be or Not To Be MOTIVATED! “

It’s THAT Time Again! #WeighIn #MealPlanning

Happy Saturday Everyone! It’s day 17 of our December 30 day challenge! Can you believe that we are already more halfway through the month! This month is flying by! Before you know it 2017 will be here! Weigh in first thing this morning in order to tell me how did during the past 2 weeks!Continue reading “It’s THAT Time Again! #WeighIn #MealPlanning”

It’s Time To Get Back On Track!!!

Now that Thanksgiving is over we can get back to business! We have 2 days left in this month’s 30 Day Challenge! Let’s make it count! Get ready to weigh in & really get it in on our next challenge starting on December 1st! This is the month that can really make or break youContinue reading “It’s Time To Get Back On Track!!!”

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