The Secret to Successful Weight Loss!

The Secret to Successful Weight Loss!. If you would like to join my next challenge please contact me below. The next challenge begins on Monday October 14, 2013! Let’s go!

The Secret to Successful Weight Loss!

The end of my 4th 30 Day challenge has come and now I have lost a grand total 54 pounds! As you can see from my before, middle and after picture I have come a long way with my weight loss results. The funny thing is I can’t even take the credit for it. SureContinue reading “The Secret to Successful Weight Loss!”

Help! Motivate Me To Lose Weight!

I know each of us have been here at the place of discouragement & apathy concerning changing our eating & exercise habits. We have all tried to search for the motivation to get back into the game and finally be consistent on this journey to weight loss. So today I want to try to motivateContinue reading “Help! Motivate Me To Lose Weight!”

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