#Keto #30DayChallenge Progress Check-in!

Happy Monday!!! How are you doing today? I hope you had a restful, healthy and active weekend. Tomorrow morning we will weigh in to see how things are progressing. We have 8 more days left on this #30DayChallenge!!! So let’s do our best to finish strong!!! ✊ If you are finding it hard to loseContinue reading “#Keto #30DayChallenge Progress Check-in!”

Have You Reached A Weight Loss Plateau?

Hitting a plateau? Learn from Dr. Josh Axe how intermittent fasting in conjunction with the Ketogenic diet can help you get over the weight loss hump. Plus even more health benefits including anti-ageing, reduction in inflammation and insulin resistance reversal.

Leave No Child Behind!!! Pass Healthy Down!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I think it’s important that while we focus on getting fit and becoming our best version of ourselves that we don’t leave our children and grandchildren behind. With childhood obesity on the rise its important that we equip them with the knowledge and the tools necessary to make good food decisions.  ListenContinue reading “Leave No Child Behind!!! Pass Healthy Down!”

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