Yes I Can And I Most Definitely Will!


Have you ever been stuck in life and you didn’t really know why?  A lot of times we can become complacent and just go with the flow. Living life without really counting the cost of our actions, habits and inclinations.  That was me a while back. I was just living, barely existing and just going with the flow even though I knew that my actions were leading me down an unhealthy path. Then one day I had that wake up call that I so desperately needed.

After giving birth to my son almost 3 years ago I lost the ability to walk. Taking one step was so painful. I literally dropped to the floor and had to have my husband carry me. As a result I had to go to an orthopedic specialist who told me that if I didn’t lose weight that I was going to be destined to life in a wheel chair or a walker. The weight had become too much on my limbs and could barely support my weight. I couldn’t even carry my own baby son. THAT was a wake up call! I knew then that something had to change… Guess what had to change??? My MIND! I  had to repent(change my mind) from mindless eating and from being too lazy or preoccupied to go exercise. I finally made the decision to LOVE myself enough to start on this health journey.

What is your why? What has been holding you back? What keeps you from making the permanent decision to move forward in a consistent healthy lifestyle? What is it that you had or have to repent from? Sometimes there are times in life where triggers from your past may tempt you to revert back to your old habits, like emotionally eating when going through something stressful or to just veg out and not exercise when times are hard. Don’t get me wrong rest is good and necessary but keep it in balance with a  healthy diet & a regular exercise schedule.  I’ll continue with this idea of how your mind is a critical component of whether you will be successful on this diet & fitness journey on my next post! Until then I want you to know that despite your past challenges & despite where you are right now there is HOPE! You CAN do it and you WILL meet your goals. Only believe and let your belief propel you into action. Faith without works is dead! So with God’s help and your made up mind, let’s get it!!!

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