10 Days Down, 20 More to Go!!! Let’s Get it!!!

#TGIF!!! It’s our 1st weigh in day for the month of May 2018!!! We are 10 days into this 30 day challenge already! Weigh in tomorrow morning and see how much progress you have made! Also check out this article on obesity from Dr. Jason Fung who is one of the foremost experts in theContinue reading “10 Days Down, 20 More to Go!!! Let’s Get it!!!”

Happy Mother’s Day! You Rock!!!

I just wanted to take the time to wish all of the Mothers who have been on this fitness journey with me. I celebrate you today and the commitment you have made to adopt a healthy lifestyle that I know has and will continue to make a positive and healthy impact on your children fromContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day! You Rock!!!”

It’s a NEW day, a NEW month & a NEW 30 Day Challenge! Let’s get it!

Happy NOVEMBER! I can’t believe we are already in a new month. Click on the flipagram link below and listen to my pep talk for the 1st day of our November 30 day challenge! https://flipagram.com/f/enETdDUPnQ As always consult with your doctor before beginning this or any diet or fitness plan. Let’s get it! Follow meContinue reading “It’s a NEW day, a NEW month & a NEW 30 Day Challenge! Let’s get it!”

It’s Weigh in Day!!! May 9, 2015

Happy Saturday Everyone! It’s day 8 of our #30DayChallenge and you know what that means??? It’s weigh in day!!! Let me know how you did!!! Let’s make this weekend great & healthy!!! Happy Mother’s Day in advance to all of the strong, beautiful & courageous Mothers taking this challenge with me! You CAN do it!!!Continue reading “It’s Weigh in Day!!! May 9, 2015”


Happy Friday Everyone! How are you doing today and how did your 1st week go on the 30 day challenge? I hope it went well. Well it’s the weekend and usually that means we may be more tempted to splurge. Believe me I OVERstand! It’s Mothers Day weekend so I really have my work cutContinue reading “TGIF! HAVE A HEALTHY & FIT WEEKEND!”

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