November 2022 No Days Off Self-care Challenge Starts NOW!

Welcome to our November 2022 Choosing Healthy self-care challenge! The goal for this month’s No Days Off Until Thanksgiving self-care challenge is to continue with developing consistent healthy habits that include the following: Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise/activity in 3-5 days weekly, eating low carb foods, get at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily andContinue reading “November 2022 No Days Off Self-care Challenge Starts NOW!”

It’s October 2022 Self-care Challenge Time!

Happy October and welcome to our October 2022 self-care challenge Choosing Healthy Family! I hope each of you had a great September and are enjoying the Fall season so far. 🍁🍂 What is your goal (or goals) for this month? What do you want to achieve by the time November 1st arrives? Whatever you decideContinue reading “It’s October 2022 Self-care Challenge Time!”

Mid-Month September 2022 Self-care Challenge Check-in!

Happy Mid-month September to you! We’re about to transition into the Fall season and now it’s time for our Mid-month check-in! How are things going for you so far on this month’s self-care challenge? For those of you who are just coming in for this first time this is what we are focused on forContinue reading “Mid-Month September 2022 Self-care Challenge Check-in!”

It’s My Birthday!!!

I woke up extremely grateful today as I celebrate my 45th birthday. The first thing I did today was thank and praise God for another year of life. 🙏🏾 I generally use my birthday as a time to reflect and this year it came to mind that so many of my friends and loved onesContinue reading “It’s My Birthday!!!”

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