It’s American Heart Month!!! ❤️

As the title of this blog post states it’s American Heart Month!!! This awareness month means a lot to me because my beloved grandmother who I affectionately called Big Ma had a heart attack when I was a teenager. I remember being in the waiting room while she had her triple bypass surgery and watchingContinue reading “It’s American Heart Month!!! ❤️”

What Are You Doing To Practice Intentional Self-care This Week?

Happy Self-care Sunday!!! What are you doing to practice intentional self-care TODAY and this week? Also what are you planning to do to prepare for a healthy and active week ahead? Whatever you CHOOSE to do, Let’s get it and remember You are WORTH it!!! 💯 Check out my past blog posts at forContinue reading “What Are You Doing To Practice Intentional Self-care This Week?”

Check Out This Blog Post on Mindfulness!!!

Check out this blog post that delves in the benefits of practicing mindfulness and it’s positive impact on our health and wellness. I authored it for the Warrick Dunn Charities ( non-profit organization this month. Check it out here: Schedule a Motivational Coaching Session with me here: Thanks to everyone who supported me onContinue reading “Check Out This Blog Post on Mindfulness!!!”

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