It’s Self-care Sunday!!! Let’s Get It In!!!

Happy Self-care Sunday!!! I hope you are taking the time to practice intentional self-care this weekend! Click the link below for the details of the self-care challenge that I’m leading this month! Let me know if you will be taking this month’s self-care challenge with me by commenting on this blog post!!! Let’s be consistentContinue reading “It’s Self-care Sunday!!! Let’s Get It In!!!”

Our April 2021 Self-care Challenge Starts Today!!! Join Us!!!

Happy April to you!!! It’s time to SPRING into this NEW month Choosing Healthy!!! Go to the link below for this month’s self-care challenge details where we will focus on the following: – Eating Clean Whole Foods– Exercising– Getting Adequate Sleep– Reducing Stress by Practicing Intentional Self-care Daily– Eliminating Snacking, Processed Foods, Starchy Carbs andContinue reading “Our April 2021 Self-care Challenge Starts Today!!! Join Us!!!”

New Choosing Healthy Updates!!!

Happy Hump day!!! I hope all is well as we come to a close of the beautiful month of March 2021! Today I posted a new Choosing Healthy with Monica Akerele YouTube video on heart disease prevention. You can check that new video out here: Tomorrow starts our April self-care challenge!!! Are you ready toContinue reading “New Choosing Healthy Updates!!!”

What Is Your Health Focus For This Month?

What’s your focus for this month? Get motivation from my NEW Choosing Healthy episode on my YouTube Channel and let’s get after it!!! Click the following link to watch the whole motivational video: Let’s #FocusOnONEThing and make February 2021 GREAT and Healthy!!! Let’s get it!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Schedule a Motivational Coaching Session with me here:Continue reading “What Is Your Health Focus For This Month?”

What Are You Doing To Practice Self-care Today?

Happy Sunday Choosing Healthy family!!! I hope all is well!!! We have made it halfway through this month’s self-care challenge!!! What are you doing to practice intentional self-care on this self-care Sunday? I’m going to get some cardio exercise in this afternoon, eat a low carb meal for dinner and make sure I get atContinue reading “What Are You Doing To Practice Self-care Today?”

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