What Are You Doing To Practice Self-care Today?

Happy Sunday Choosing Healthy family!!! I hope all is well!!! We have made it halfway through this month’s self-care challenge!!! What are you doing to practice intentional self-care on this self-care Sunday? I’m going to get some cardio exercise in this afternoon, eat a low carb meal for dinner and make sure I get atContinue reading “What Are You Doing To Practice Self-care Today?”

Have You Set Your Health and Wellness Goals for 2021???

Happy Motivation Monday!!! It’s always a great idea to set your intention for every year in January. Writing down your smart goals and putting them in a place that’s visually accessible, declaring these goals with your mouth by faith and praying about achieving them is powerful. I achieved every single goal that I wrote downContinue reading “Have You Set Your Health and Wellness Goals for 2021???”

What’s Hindering You From Practicing Self-care Daily?

What’s hindering you from practicing self-care? Watch my latest YouTube video that premiered today for some tips to overcome those barriers now! https://youtu.be/W8KrdBdf-iI Thanks again for being on this intentional selfcare journey with me!!! Let’s make this week active and healthy!!! Let’s get it!!! 🔥🔥🔥 I’m so grateful for all 200+ of my YouTube channelContinue reading “What’s Hindering You From Practicing Self-care Daily?”

Our November #NoDaysOff Self-care Challenge Starts Today!!!

Welcome to the start of our November 2020 #NoDaysOff Choosing Healthy Motivational Challenge of Eating Clean Low Carb, Whole Foods, Exercise, Sleep and Self-Care! Let’s make self-care an intentional exercise this month and throughout the rest of 2020!!! Check out my explanation of this month’s challenge on my latest YouTube video at: https://youtu.be/QH4DWk2zBRM Are youContinue reading “Our November #NoDaysOff Self-care Challenge Starts Today!!!”

Our November 2020 Self-care Challenge Starts Tomorrow!!!

Happy Saturday Choosing Healthy Family!!! How are things going? Can you believe that we’ve already reached the end of October 2020? Well you know what that means!!! We have 2 months left in this year to achieve the goals that we’ve set for ourselves this year. Guess what? I still think that’s plenty of timeContinue reading “Our November 2020 Self-care Challenge Starts Tomorrow!!!”

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