Check Out This Blog Post on Mindfulness!!!

Check out this blog post that delves in the benefits of practicing mindfulness and it’s positive impact on our health and wellness. I authored it for the Warrick Dunn Charities ( non-profit organization this month. Check it out here: Schedule a Motivational Coaching Session with me here: Thanks to everyone who supported me onContinue reading “Check Out This Blog Post on Mindfulness!!!”

It’s Self-care Sunday!!! Our February Focus on being consistent with 1 thing Self-Care Challenge Starts Tomorrow!!! Focus on 1 thing that you know you need to get rid (unhealthy) and 1 thing you need to start doing that’s healthy!!! Let’s get it!!!

My Low Carb/Keto Recipe Pick Of the Week – 12-09-20

Happy #humpdaywednesday!!! How is the #NoSweets until Christmas self-care challenge going? I hope all is well. We are literally 16 days away from Christmas 2020!!! So keep pushing towards your goals!!! ❤️ Do you need some low carb and/or keto recipes to add to your healthy recipe toolbox? I’ll start sharing low carb recipes onContinue reading “My Low Carb/Keto Recipe Pick Of the Week – 12-09-20”

1 Minute #MealPlanning and #MealPrepping #Motivation YouTube Video!!!

I just wanted to share a quick #MealPlanning and #MealPrepping #Motivation video for my #NoSweets until #Christmas #selfcarechallenge!!! Let me know how it’s going for you! Click the link below to watch the motivational video now! Please consider scheduling a Zoom Motivational Coaching Session with me this week for some added motivation and accountabilityContinue reading “1 Minute #MealPlanning and #MealPrepping #Motivation YouTube Video!!!”

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