How “BAD” Do YOU Want It???

#TGIF!!! Today is day 23 of our #30daychallenge!!! This means we are in the home stretch, heading into the last week of this month’s challenge. How are things going? Are you on track to meet the goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of this month? How is the exercise going? Have youContinue reading “How “BAD” Do YOU Want It???”

To Eat Or Not To Eat, That Is The Question!!! 

To eat or not to eat yes THAT is the question!!! Check out this article from Authority Nutrition that reveals the 15 unhealthiest junk food in America. After reading their article I am convinced more than ever to stay away from junk food. So what now??? As I stated on Friday I want you toContinue reading “To Eat Or Not To Eat, That Is The Question!!! “

Our May 30 Day Challenge Begins Today!!!

Welcome to our May 30 day challenge! I’m excited that you are starting this month off right by taking this challenge with me! In this challenge we will eat clean (no processed food & no added sugar or starches), exercise (3-5 days weekly), eliminate/reduce stress in your life and commit to getting at least 7-8 hoursContinue reading “Our May 30 Day Challenge Begins Today!!!”

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