To Eat Or Not To Eat, That Is The Question!!! 

To eat or not to eat yes THAT is the question!!! Check out this article from Authority Nutrition that reveals the 15 unhealthiest junk food in America. After reading their article I am convinced more than ever to stay away from junk food. So what now??? As I stated on Friday I want you to share those healthy recipes or snack ideas that you found over the weekend (per my request). 

Tonight and/or tomorrow respond to this post with the recipe links, pictures of #healthy meals and/or snack ideas. If you haven’t found any go to Pinterest or Google some Paleo, Keto, Whole30 or Ketogenic recipes to generate some ideas to put into rotation. Let’s help each other stay away from this junk food listed on this post link below by sharing some healthy alternatives. Also below is a link to Dr. Axe’s Keto recipes! Soooo let’s eat clean, organic, non-gmo & healthy!!! Let’s go!!!

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