It’s Preparation Time!

Happy Saturday Everyone! It’s day 2 of our April 30 day challenge! Use today or tomorrow to get prepared for this upcoming week. Are you ready to eat clean and to exercise consistently during the month of April? Well I sure am! With summer time quickly approaching I really want to get serious and meet myContinue reading “It’s Preparation Time!”

Our February 30 Day Challenge Is Here!

Happy Sunday! I hope you have had an AWESOME weekend! Well tomorrow is the start of our next 30 day challenge for the month of February!!! Our goal for each month is to: Eat Clean – meaning eating absolutely no processed foods Eliminate added sugar from your diet (fruit is ok) Eliminate all starchy carbs includingContinue reading “Our February 30 Day Challenge Is Here!”

Happy Monday! It’s Weigh In Time!!!

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s day 10 of our January 30 day challenge! Tomorrow is our 1st weigh in day for this month! We will do 3 weigh ins (once every 10 days) during this month’s challenge.  So don’t forget to weigh in first thing in the morning to tell me how you did during this past week!Continue reading “Happy Monday! It’s Weigh In Time!!!”

Share Your HEALTHY Knowledge With Me!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!! We are a little more than halfway through this #30DayChallenge!!! Thursdays are officially declared as our Knowledge Sharing day! I want you to share with me what food/meals you are eating today, also share tips on recipes and/or exercises that have been working out for you during the challenges you have takenContinue reading “Share Your HEALTHY Knowledge With Me!”

It’s Weigh In Day 4-15-15

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!! It’s weigh in day!!! Let me know how you did!!! Let’s make today great & healthy!!! I’m praying and rooting for you!!! Let’s get it!!! Subscribe to my free blog at:

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