Diet Against Disease! Worth Seeing!

This is a very powerful and informative docuseries that is worth seeing. It might in fact save your very life. Find out how you can reverse cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease & more with simple changes that include the use of a Cyclical Ketogenic diet. This is one AWESOME reason why adopting the ketogenic lifestyleContinue reading “Diet Against Disease! Worth Seeing!”

NOTHING Tastes As Good As #HEALTHY Feels!!! 💯

TGIF!!! It’s Day 27 of our #Keto #30DayChallenge!!! Check out the video link below for an important update! Remember this! “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!” (Quote from the “What The Health” documentary). Follow me on my #blog at & on #Twitter @MonicaAkerele! Let’s go!!!

Keto Meal Plan! 

Happy Thursday Everyone!!! Welcome to #Day5 of our #30DayChallenge!!! For those of you who are looking for some #Keto meal plan ideas here is a link from Organic Health Remedies to a 7 day Keto meal plan. Thanks Adeline A. Retamar for sharing this link with me!!! 🙌 Feel free to respond to this postContinue reading “Keto Meal Plan! “

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