It’s American Heart Month!!! ❤️

As the title of this blog post states it’s American Heart Month!!! This awareness month means a lot to me because my beloved grandmother who I affectionately called Big Ma had a heart attack when I was a teenager. I remember being in the waiting room while she had her triple bypass surgery and watchingContinue reading “It’s American Heart Month!!! ❤️”

What Is Your Intentional Plan for Exercise This Month?

When it comes to exercising you have to be intentional about the planning and the execution of it. Many times we go throughout our day trying to get the high priority items on our agenda completed and sometimes as a result we neglect ourselves in the process. However, this doesn’t have to be our presentContinue reading “What Is Your Intentional Plan for Exercise This Month?”

Heart Health In Focus Before The Close of #AmericanHeartMonth! ♥️

TGIF Everyone!!! How are you? I hope you are having a healthy and active month! We have reached the end of this month’s motivational challenge to Eat Clean Keto, Exercise, incorporate Intermittent Fasting, practice Self-Care to help reduce stress and to get adequate sleep! How did that go for you? What barriers and successes didContinue reading “Heart Health In Focus Before The Close of #AmericanHeartMonth! ♥️”

Diet Against Disease! Worth Seeing!

This is a very powerful and informative docuseries that is worth seeing. It might in fact save your very life. Find out how you can reverse cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease & more with simple changes that include the use of a Cyclical Ketogenic diet. This is one AWESOME reason why adopting the ketogenic lifestyleContinue reading “Diet Against Disease! Worth Seeing!”

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