#Fitbit Rocks! Let Me Tell You How…


I completed my goal of 10,000 steps in the Goal Day challenge! #Fitbit

Yes Fitbit is the one you want! I’ve been procrastinating about sharing how cool  having a Fitbit device is but I just can’t keep it to myself any longer! Do you need motivation and reminders on your daily fitness goals? Well Fitbit is for you! Believe me they didn’t hire me to promote their product but I have been a proud owner of one of their devices since May of this year. It is a tool that you can use to set goals, track exercise, track your sleep patterns, measure your heart rate and your current steps for the day. Believe me it is more than a glorified pedometer.  You can also connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and everything is right there at your fingertips on your phone or tablet via the Fitbit app.

2 more things rock about Fitbit and it’s the community motivational aspect where you can connect with other Fitbit owners and challenge each other to meet your daily, weekly or weekend step goals. Not only that but you can challenge each other to a friendly competition of who will get the most steps during the course of a day, week or weekend too. It’s called a showdown. Competition always makes things fun and lastly they have the weekly progress report that gives you an update on how you did on your weight loss goals, sleep, calories, exercise, steps, etc… I absolutely love it.

What devices are you currently using to measure your progress weekly or to track the number of steps you are taking? Using either a device or a tracking mechanism is critical to your success. As my favorite saying goes you cannot manage what you do not measure.

Why don’t you go see for yourself? Check Fitbit out at http://www.fitbit.com


Don’t forget our next 30 day diet and exercise challenge begins on Thursday, October 1st, 2015. I hope you will join me on my journey to getting fit!  Make today great and healthy!

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