TGIF Check In – Intermittent Fasting News!

Happy Friday!!!! How are you? All is well here! I just wanted to have a #TGIF check in and see how things are going and to share an informative article on Intermittent Fasting that I ran across this week. I truly believe and know from experience that Intermittent fasting is an effective tool in weightContinue reading “TGIF Check In – Intermittent Fasting News!”

Fly High with a Nutritional Diet During This Travel Season!

As the holiday season approaches it becomes that time of the year where we kick traveling up into high gear! Trying to stick to a nutritious diet while traveling can be difficult. Food courts at airports are packed with bakeries, candy shops, fast food joints, and snack stands. Nevertheless, with a little planning and research,Continue reading “Fly High with a Nutritional Diet During This Travel Season!”

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