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TGIF Check In – Intermittent Fasting News!

Happy Friday!!!! How are you? All is well here! I just wanted to have a #TGIF check in and see how things are going and to share an informative article on Intermittent Fasting that I ran across this week. I truly believe and know from experience that Intermittent fasting is an effective tool in weight loss and diabetes prevention/reversal. As I’ve shared before, I was well on my way to becoming diabetic but when I incorporated the intermittent fasting protocol of eating only between the hours of 10-6pm or 12-8pm as well as eating clean with no snacking, sugar, processed foods nor starchy carbs, it totally shifted my HbA1c numbers as well as my weight.

Let me show you how effective it is. Many of you know that I traveled to London/Paris this past June. Please believe I throughly enjoyed myself calorie wise and could not resist indulging in the pastries, crepes and chocolate… Need I say more? Well when I came back I had a great awakening when my feet hit the scale lol. I knew immediately that I had to get back on track. It’s been a week since I’ve returned and I’ve already lost the 5 pounds I gained in Europe. How? Intermittent fasting!!! Check out this article from Harvard Health on how this is even possible.

Let’s go!!!


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