Fly High with a Nutritional Diet During This Travel Season!


As the holiday season approaches it becomes that time of the year where we kick traveling up into high gear! Trying to stick to a nutritious diet while traveling can be difficult. Food courts at airports are packed with bakeries, candy shops, fast food joints, and snack stands. Nevertheless, with a little planning and research, it is possible to maintain a healthy diet.

Curb cravings
You’re more likely to grab unhealthy snacks or fast food if you arrive at the airport hungry, so sit down and enjoy a balanced, substantial meal before you leave home. If you eat nothing, you are likely to be starving by your first layover and head straight to the nearest savory diner or candy shop to indulge.

Take your time
It’s easy to feel rushed and anxious in an airport, but it is imperative that you give yourself time to enjoy your meal and eat slowly. People who take their time eating tend to be thinner and have a healthier relationship with food than those who wolf it down without thinking. Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed.

Bring your own food
The best way to know exactly what you’re getting is by bringing your own food. Pack some healthy snacks in your carry on. Fresh fruit, raw vegetables, protein bars, rice cakes, and unsalted nuts are all good choices. Bring an empty water bottle and fill it up at a water fountain, after passing through security. Staying hydrated will curb cravings, keep hunger at bay, and generally help you feel more energetic. Grab a cup of ice from a vendor, to chill your water, which will boost your metabolism and burn a few extra calories.

Know what to avoid
It is just as important to know what to avoid, as it is to know which options are healthiest. Not only are super sugary, salty, fatty, and fried foods fattening, they’re likely to make you feel lethargic and irritable and add to motion sickness. Also resist the temptation of coffee, alcohol, or acidic drinks, which can exacerbate acid reflux or lead to an energy crash.
Traveling by plane and browsing airports can be stressful or it can be fun and relaxing. The trick is to plan ahead and make healthy choices, so that you feel your best throughout the whole trip.

Do your homework
Look up the airports and cities you will be passing through and peruse the hotels as well as restaurant menus. You never know when you will be stuck over night in a city from a cancelled flight so it is important to be ready for anything. I recently was stuck in Las Vegas of all places and was left puzzled. I did some quick research and found a great site that allowed me to book a cheap hotel and find all the healthy restaurants in the area. There are healthy choices to be had at almost any venue, but some eateries specialize in healthier fare. Cafeteria-style eateries often offer salads, fresh fruit, soup, and milk as just a few of their solid and nutritious options. More and more restaurants are offering low-calorie options or labeling their items with nutritional information, to help you make healthier choices. Decide in advance what you will choose, so that you are not tempted by all the delicious smells as you walk through the airport.

Stay active
It can be hard to get enough exercise when traveling, and sitting on a plane for hours will leave you feeling cramped and uncomfortable. Take advantage of waiting times to stroll around the airport and get some fresh air. You can add resistance by carrying a small suitcase instead of rolling it and taking the stairs instead of the escalator. Do a little exploring. There are always interesting pictures, architecture, and artwork both in and around airports. Window-shopping in clothing or gift stores will help you pass the time and distract you from thinking about sugary confections.

Destination healthy
Once you have made it to your destination. Make your mind up to stay on course with your plan to eat healthy. Visit the websites of the restaurants you plan to eat at and use the menus to pre-plan your meals for the day. Look up those menu items on MyFitnessPal or download & use the MyFitnessPal app on your smartphone or tablet. Use this app to calculate the calories in advance to ensure you are going to stay on target with your daily calorie goals. Also try to plan time for exercise while you are there even if it’s just a quick workout that you can do in your hotel room or within the gym at your hotel. When I travel & there is no gym in sight (Planet Fitness is my gym) I do the 7 minute scientific workout. Here is the link to the website that explains what it entails – 7 Minute Scientific Workout .You can also download the 7 minute workout app to your smartphone and/or tablet for free. There are several versions of this app so pick the one that best suits you.

At the end of the day it all boils down to planning. You can successfully stay on target even while traveling, you just have to plan & stick to the plan. So are you ready to fly high on your health with these tips?
Let’s go!

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