Quick Reminders for the Final Day of Our Challenge

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Just a quick reminder that tomorrow Monday, March 30th is our last day on the 30 day challenge for the month of March! Let’s finish strong!!!! Also please share with your friends and family that our next 30 Day Challenge begins on Wednesday, April 1st! ForContinue reading “Quick Reminders for the Final Day of Our Challenge”

Finish Strong & Get Ready For Our New 30 Day Challenge!

TGIF Loves!!!! It’s officially the last weekend of this challenge! So make sure you make it count and finish strong!!!! 🙌 The last day of this challenge is on Monday!!! I can’t wait till our final weigh in on Tuesday March 31st so I can hear all of your praise reports of how many pounds/ouncesContinue reading “Finish Strong & Get Ready For Our New 30 Day Challenge!”

Accountability is a Critical Component To Your Success!

Today I would like to stress to you the importance of having a support team that can help you to stay on track. At least one support person needs to actually be a workout partner. This will help keep you accountable to someone regarding your exercise and diet. I have a team of about 3Continue reading “Accountability is a Critical Component To Your Success!”

Why You Should Eat Clean!

Great day Everyone! It’s Day 24 of our 30 day challenge! We have 1 week left in the challenge so let’s really dig in & make it happen! Today I just want to share with you the importance of staying away from processed foods and the reason why we are eating clean on this challenge.Continue reading “Why You Should Eat Clean!”

Never Give Up! The Possibilities Are Endless!!!

Happy Monday Everyone! Today is the 23rd day of our 30 Day Challenge AND it’s weigh day!!!! Weigh yourself first thing this morning after waking up and using the bathroom to see how you did over the past week. I am happy to announce that I’ve lost another 2 pounds this week!!! I also wantedContinue reading “Never Give Up! The Possibilities Are Endless!!!”

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