Become A Food Expert, Your Health Depends On It!

Happy Thursday Everyone! Today is day 6 for us. What challenges and successes have you had so far? Let me know so I can help coach you in the right direction. Today I want to discuss the importance  of educating yourself on what you are eating. It is important for us to no longer take for granted the food we are eating. The reality is you cannot trust the food industry, the FDA nor some of the other food entities in the US & beyond. The biggest example of this that we have seen is the food from McDonald’s. Now they are trying to revamp their food offerings to include 100% beef and healthier food options. So what were they feeding us before…? SMH It’s sad to say but they and many other fast food chains including Panera Bread were using food additives that have no nutritional value and have adverse effects on our health including cancer. The same is the case with most processed foods found in boxes and bags on the shelves within our local grocery stores. I have attached a link to 10 American foods that are banned in other countries. I want you to be armed with the tools you need to make better and healthier food choices. Read the article and share your thoughts with me. What changes will you make as a result of reading this article? #LetsGo #EatClean #30DayChallenge


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