Mid-Month #Keto Check In!!! #LetsGo 🔥🔥🔥

Happy #HumpDay All!!! Today is day 15 of our Keto and exercise monthly challenge and it’s time for our mid-month check in! Weigh in the morning and let me know how the 1st 2 weeks have gone for you!!! What successes and challenges have you had so far? What do you think you will needContinue reading “Mid-Month #Keto Check In!!! #LetsGo 🔥🔥🔥”

The Dangers Of Plastic Water Bottles

A word to the wise! Reduce your plastic water bottle drinking, especially the bottles that are not BPA free! The plastic leaches into the water and they have endocrine hormone disruptors in them that can cause infertility, weight gain, PCOS, issues with estrogen and testosterone and are toxic for your body. Check out the #YouTubeContinue reading “The Dangers Of Plastic Water Bottles”

Do You Have an #Exercise #Sleep & #Food Plan For This Week? Let’s Go!

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend!!! Mine has been AWESOME with the exception of seeing the Carolina Panthers lose by 3 points today but regardless we won’t stop, we won’t quit, we are going to #KeepPounding!!!! BUT… (Clears Throat) We are not here to talk about FOOTBALL! So… It is day 13Continue reading “Do You Have an #Exercise #Sleep & #Food Plan For This Week? Let’s Go!”

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