July 2020 Mid-month Self-Care Check In Time!!!

Happy Tuesday Keto Family!!! You have officially made it through 21 days of this month’s Keto, IF, Exercise and Self-Care challenge!!! Well done!!! Now it’s time for our 2nd weigh in for this month. Let me know what scale and/or non-scale victories or challenges you’ve experienced so far this month! Continue to manage the food that you have in your home so you can stay on track and achieve your goals. Continue to exercise at least 3-5 days weekly for at least 30-60 minutes per session, consistently engage in self-care activities (yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, & etc…), get adequate sleep and get rid of any snacks/sweets/carbs that will inhibit your progress towards achieving your goals. YOU CAN DO IT Keto Fam!!! Lastly I want to encourage you to take advantage of the individual and/or group motivational coaching opportunities that I have available. If you are interested in this accountability opportunity send me an email at contact@monicaakerele.com and I will follow-up with you. I look forward to working with you to help motivate you to achieve your goals! Let’s finish July 2020 healthy, active and sugar free! Make a decision and a declaration TODAY that you are going to achieve your health and/or weight loss goals this year! We have 5 months and 10 days left in this year to accomplish our goals. It’s NOT too late!!! I’m praying for your progress!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Let’s get it!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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Disclaimer: Always get your doctor’s approval before embarking upon a ketogenic, intermittent fasting and/or an exercise regimen. This is not a substitute for professional medical, nutritional or exercise advice this is for motivational and educational purposes only.

Published by Monica Akerele, MSW, LMSW

I AM because of God's LOVE and GRACE! Licensed Master Social Worker, Singer/Songwriter, Motivational Speaker, Blogger & Self-Care Strategist

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