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Weekend Prep For New 30 Day Challenge Starting On Monday!


Happy Saturday Everyone! We have reached the 30th day of our January 30 day challenge! Tomorrow you can take a break but don’t over do it! Use tomorrow to get prepared for our February #30DayChallenge! So how did you do on the January challenge? Let me know how it went through responding to this post or by sending me a personal message. Are you ready to eat clean and exercise consistently during the month  of February? Well I am! I challenge you to eat clean with no processed foods during the month of February and to exercise at least 3-5 days per week! Lastly don’t forget to get at least 8 hours of sleep per day. Getting adequate sleep is paramount to you kicking your weight loss into full gear! Tomorrow I will give you preview of how we will interact and support each other in order to stay on track. We have to make a conscious decision say NO to everything that will try to distract US from meeting OUR goals in February! I believe in you and I am praying for success. Never give up! Don’t stop until you meet your goals!!!

Let’s prepare for Monday! February 1st is almost here!!!

Let’s go 🙌!

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