What Keto Meal Are You Cooking Today?

What’s for dinner at your house today? I decided to try the Keto Zuppa Toscana recipe today!!! (See pictures of my meal throughout this post.) I substituted chicken breast and turkey bacon in the place of the Italian sausage and the pork bacon for the sake of my family (they don’t eat pork). I’ve includedContinue reading “What Keto Meal Are You Cooking Today?”

What’s On Your Plate??!!

TGIF! Happy Friday! So how are things going this week? What are you doing TODAY to reach your optimal weight, fitness and/or health goals? What is on your plate today? Respond and post breakfast, lunch, snacks, & dinner pics today. Let’s hold eachother accountable for success! Much #love to everyone! Make today #healthy, active &Continue reading “What’s On Your Plate??!!”

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