It’s Our 1st Weigh In Day for October 2015!


Happy Saturday! I hope you had a phenomenally healthy & blessed week! Well today is day 10 of our 30 day challenge! We are 1/3 through the challenge already! It is our weigh in day so weigh in this morning and let me how you did! We will be weighing in every 10 days on this challenge. I can’t wait to get your feedback! Email me at and give me the 411 or you can respond to this post! 🙂 Just know this whatever the scale says you are still a winner! Weight loss and getting healthy is not an event it is a journey! So hang in there even if the scale doesn’t reflect the weight you hoped it would. Remember healthy weight loss is losing .5-2 pounds weekly. Let’s make this weekend count. Stay focused on your goal & make next week great & healthy by eating clean, sleeping 8 hours nightly & staying active!

Let’s get it!
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