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TGIF! Emotional Eating Help Is Available!


Happy Friday! It’s Day 26 of our 30 day challenge! I hope you are making today great! Here is a nice article with some tools you can implement to avoid emotional eating. Check it out!

Emotional Eating Help

Make this weekend great! Eat clean & exercise!

Let’s go!
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Are You An Emotional Eater? Read This!


Happy Thursday its Day 25 of our #30DayChallenge! How are things going? Here is some inspiration! If what you are doing is not working switch it up. Go harder in the gym, tighten up your diet, get some accountability and support. If you are an emotional eater don’t hesitate to seek resources whether an e-book, book, audio books, dvds, youtube videos, health podcasts, a counselor, minister, a life coach or health coach or nurse through your insurance that can assist you to get through some of the challenges you are facing that’s hindering you from making progress in this area of your life. There a plethora of resources available for you & there is absolutely nothing wrong with you seeking help. You are absolutely worth it. Do you really believe that? I do! So let’s get it!

Love you guys!
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