Checking In! How Is The #30DayChallenge Going For You?


Happy Tuesday! How is everyone doing? How is the challenge going for you thus far? Have you been able stick to the plan that you made for yourself at the beginning of this month? Can you believe that we are almost at the halfway point of this month already? To be honest its been mostly good from an eating standpoint but from an exercise standpoint, not at all!!!! The good news is even though my exercise has not been where I need it to be, but because my diet/eating pattern has been mostly on target I am not gaining weight! I am in maintain land of which is much better than gain land so I’ll take it!!!

So what’s up tell me what’s really going on? Well as stated by my blog post title I am checking in. Let me know how things are going by responding to this post or my sending me a personal message on Facebook messenger @monicaakerele or to my email at! Remember this! In weight loss, it is 70% what/how you eat, 20% +/- exercise & 10% +/- sleep/stress. So please try your best to eat clean including watching portions, eliminating starchy/sugary carbs, get at least 30-60 minutes of exercise a day including some strength training, 7-8 hours of sleep & minimize stress wherever & whenever possible!!! That’s the formula!!!

Let’s get it !!! 💪

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