Don’t Let Thanksgiving Derail Your Progress !

So you decided to take the challenge with me but realized that today is THANKSGIVING! Yes it is but guess what you don’t have to worry about it because I’ve got some tips for you! 1) Start Thanksgiving off right with a nice workout! This will help get your metabolism a boost for the dayContinue reading “Don’t Let Thanksgiving Derail Your Progress !”

Eat Clean & #KeepPounding This #SUPERBOWL50 Weekend!

TGIF! It’s Day 5! What is on your plate today? Well today I had salad, 3 buffalo wings and a bottle of water & guess what? I’m fully satisfied! What is your gameplan for this Super Bowl weekend??? I heard today on the news that the average American eats/drinks nothing less than 6,000 calories onContinue reading “Eat Clean & #KeepPounding This #SUPERBOWL50 Weekend!”

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