Eat Clean & #KeepPounding This #SUPERBOWL50 Weekend!


TGIF! It’s Day 5! What is on your plate today? Well today I had salad, 3 buffalo wings and a bottle of water & guess what? I’m fully satisfied! What is your gameplan for this Super Bowl weekend??? I heard today on the news that the average American eats/drinks nothing less than 6,000 calories on Super Bowl Sunday!!!! Can you believe that?! Lol sadly I CAN…SMH Between the pizza, wings, chips, dips, drinks, desserts its really easy to see how this can be possible! So let me #Challenge you to defy the odds and not do that this #SuperBowl50 weekend! Don’t derail the progress you’ve made just for one day of football. So here are some tips to make sure you stay on track this weekend.

1) Try to get a workout in on Sunday before the BIG game starts!

2) Swap Salad or veggies in the place of the Pizza or the other high calorie carbs that might be available.

3) Eat more protein instead…More wings please!

4) Eat fruit instead of the sugary desserts

5) Drink water instead of the soda and alcoholic beverages that may be available at the Super Bowl gathering

6) Stay within your calorie target for the day by utlizing MyFitnessPal or other food tracking apps to track what you plan to eat BEFORE you eat it! If you fail to plan then you plan to fail!

7) HAVE FUN! Enjoy the game & your friends & family!!!

And Last but NOT least #KeepPounding  (Keep Moving)

Lets Go!

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